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Tarot Readings

15 min, 30 min, & 1 hr Sessions

Heal through messages from the spirit world

“I’m a psychic medium and medical intuitive with a strong clairvoyant ability to see the past, present and future to help with areas regarding love, career, finance or family. I’m an energy healer that uses medical intuition to help heal emotional conflicts that cause physical dis-ease.”

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"Stand on the skyscraper of healing above while you view the traffic of life below." -Gilly

Keshette Burton

"In meeting with Jessica, her presence immediately makes you feel like you are in a safe place and whatever messages you are about to receive come from love. I was absolutely blown away with her accuracy and guidance with my physical issues, emotional trauma and loved ones that have passed. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have a reading with her because now I'm on the correct path to heal my physical and emotional issues. Thank you for the reading Jessica!" Gratefully Keshette B.

Sherry Hasty

"After my reading with Gilly, I have never felt peace or calm like this ever before. The guilt and loss I carried my whole life has now lifted."

Deborah Weaver

"Jessica grabs your attention with her smile, and then offers you the gift of unconditional love and healing. My experience with Reiki has been nothing short of astounding. She is thorough and deeply focused. She dives deep, never holding back. She will do whatever it takes to help you and always goes beyond what others offer. Jessica has a divine gift. She has developed and polished it, so the client can shine. Dear Jessica, this is me expressing eternal gratitude for releasing my physical pain, and for showing me the path to rise out of my paralyzing grief over the recent loss of my mother."

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