A beautiful world directly superimposed

There is a beautiful world directly superimposed on the image we see as our perception of what appears to be physical. This “physical” manifestation is simply thought compressed into light at angles that bend and blend elements into ratios.  Such ratios then give a contractual rise to the sacred geometric composition of sound, color, and texture we view as matter. Thus, it is our awareness that actually is animating, moving, and expressing itself as the physical projection of our own unique reality. All potentials – light, dark, good, bad, the inbetween – are within the eternal memory data bank of consciousness. We are activating that potential of what is already existing WITHIN as a manifesting option through our imagination, whether intentionally or unintentionally. These outer changes and world events seem new, but my friends I assure you they are not.  They are different variations of what has already happened, already been, and already done.  Hence, the uncanny similarities to past events and political agendas that we like to call history.  There is nothing new under the Sun/Son. It’s all now.  It’s all potential. It’s the sum of all the particles existing within the universe of “I AM”.  Instead of blaming the world or others, it is our priority- in fact our duty- as an individual of the collective consciousness to illuminate all inner parts within ourselves, the eternal memory data bank.  We don’t truly have free will till we know and internalize this universal law that a sovereign being is limited to the activity of the imagination and what is impressed upon the subconscious.

Whatever comes into physical form is because it is aligned with the overall vibrational field of thought and desire magnetically linked by feeling, reaction, and sensation. We like to think in linear terms of beginning, middle, and ending addicted to a timeline as we desperately try to make sense of the world oscillating around us. But what if up was really down, or right was really left or the ending really was the beginning? What if a circle was really a square boxing us into the delusion of time? To capture a moment of suspension in time and space my photographer didn’t care whether I was leaping in a backward or forward direction, he simply needed the movement of my awareness to connect with his lens as I ascended.

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